How it works


You subscribe with us.

Each Health Care Center requires One Subscription to create Administrator account which can be used to add the remaining staff and define the internal clinics.


We install and configure software onsite.

Teriac EMR/PM solution System is an easy to master software with simple installation steps that it can be easily installed by the users without help, and also our support team will be ready to install it for the users as part of the delivery and training process.


You use the application online and offline.

Teriac was built as a set of desktop client applications that can interact with each other using secured channels over the Internet. This structure allows each client to continue functioning as a separate entity offline during any Internet connectivity issue, and when the connection is back Teriac will synchronize it’s data to reach and Up-To-Date version of data for all users.


The app synchronizes and backs up your data periodically

Each desktop application will synchronize its data with the server database every specific period -that is customizable by the Admin- to make sure that both client and server databases are always up to date.

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