Bonds IT Infrastructure Services

The IT Infrastructure is complex, each year, businesses are required to add more IT Services to simplify their workers experience and expedite their operations, with more services added, complexity increases, simple tasks such as resetting a user password can become an unnecessary pain to IT Personnel, with 20% of support tickets received just to reset a user password.

Carbon is designed to simplify and centralize IT, with service connectors and a friendly user interface, Carbon makes managing your IT Infrastructure easier than ever

Operations Unified

With Carbon, Businesses can unify common IT Services into a single Interface, most businesses run Microsoft System Center to ensure smooth IT Operations, but unfortunately, System Center comes with many interfaces that are detached from each other.

Carbon unifies the interfaces and helps you manage the Operations, Run Automation Tasks and Manage Users all from a single UI

End-User Self-Service

Carbon provides two interfaces, one for admins and one for end-users, users can login to the carbon self-service portal to update their information (such as phone, address, extension), they can also reset their passwords and request services.

The Self-Service portal is designed to allow customizations, Admins can add links to common internal IT Services, which makes the portal a center for IT Services Delivery across the enterprise.

Monitoring, Orchestration and Automation

Thanks to its deep integration with System Center and Microsoft Identity Manager, Carbon’s Admin Dashboard brings SCOM Monitoring, SCO Orchestration and MIM Automation to a single dashboard, IT Administrators can keep a close eye on the Infrastructure health and take quick actions quickly.


Carbon’s UI supports both Arabic and English Languages, users can switch the language on the spot, data retrieved from data sources is displayed as is to maintain familiarity and the admin dashboard can be customized to match the organization needs.