The Event Management Suite


Control Your Schedule.

EVVENTA® is a premier events, protocol and ceremonials management suite. Consisting of a powerful, integrated set of web-based solutions, the system provides a comprehensive product that automates the ins and outs of the most complex events and protocols, thus facilitating and accelerating work completion, while ensuring a high level of security across the entity’s different branches and departments. The system is replete with multi-functional features that maximize performance while minimizing margins of error.


Manage Everyone in Detail

Thousands of connections? No problem! Contact manager provides a centralized repository for managing and verifying all contacts and their related information.

Schedule It!

Create events, meeting, conference, and more in scheduling manager. The process is fully automated from event creation request until the event execution. You will be provided with templates which save your time and increase your productivity.

Trip and Hosting Dashboard

Trip Manager helps you manage preparations for any kind of travel events. All of the current and past trips are reported in one beautiful dashboard.

Protocol and Key Office Edition

EVVENTA® comes in two different editions, Protocol and Key Office Edition. Each version has its own special features. Further than that, you can always ask custom features to fit the requirements of your institution.

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