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eSense is a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) partner, which gives us instant access to the latest products, resources and value-added services for the benefit of our clients. Microsoft leads the world in software services and internet technologies for personal and business computing. As a partner, we are able to leverage this unbeatable range of products and services in order to meet client needs in every context, deliver outstanding solutions, and exceed expectations every time. eSense is a Gold Certified Partner and the Partner of the Year for 20018 and 2019 in Saudi Arabia, which reflects the specialized level of expertise and innovation we can offer our customers.

EPYA Solutions

Thanks to a diverse and dynamic talent pool, EPYA provides a unique blend of management, technology consulting services and IT solutions from its headquarters in Amman, Jordan. Through partnership with EPYA, eSense is able to offer customers a suite of innovative platforms and specialized consulting services as we leverage cutting edge technology to add value and power business goals.



ABBYY is an international leader in comprehensive digital intelligence technologies, including optical character recognition, document capture and language software for both PC and mobile devices. Partnering with ABBYY positions us to deliver specialized solutions that meet specific needs, facilitate successful and seamless digital transformation, and unlock new opportunities for our clients. Together, we are committed to excellence in business processes and automation.



ClickDimensions is home to the only unified, 100% native marketing, analytics and services platform for Microsoft Dynamics. This is a partnership that delivers on quality and value for our clients, optimizing performance in order to drive better business outcomes. With ClickDimensions, we can deliver multichannel digital marketing apps as a unified solution, enterprise-grade data analytics, and a comprehensive portfolio of managed services and support for every customer.

eG Innovations

eG Innovations

eSense has partnered with a world leader in application performance and IT infrastructure monitoring because we know what this means to our business customers. eG Innovations delivers unparalleled visibility and monitoring of every layer of the IT environment, with end-to-end digital performance analytics, built in KPIs and diagnostics. This comprehensive monitoring provides actionable insights for optimizing performance, so our customers can be confident that all business applications and IT operations are running efficiently and delivering a quality user experience.


Adobe Certified – Adobe Experience Manager

We are certified in the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) content management solution, which we use for building high performing websites, mobile apps and forms. This helps us to deliver and manage digital platforms that build real value.