Messaging & Collaboration


Business communication is becoming more critical with millions of business emails exchanged daily. It is becoming a fact that email is one of the most critical functions in an IT Infrastructure and the availability of email services affects the organization as a whole. Missing emails mean missing business opportunities.

At eSense, we have brought together the best talent for crafting Messaging and Collaboration Solutions. Our team of certified professionals is capable of implementing the most complex messaging solutions, using Microsoft Technologies, which ensures an uninterrupted flow of business communication.

Microsoft Exchange is the most advanced email solution yet. It helps to ensure that your communications are always available while you remain in control. With a modern UI and advanced management capabilities, Microsoft Exchange is inarguably the best email solution on the market.

Combined with Office Web Apps and Skype For Business, your teams can collaborate across continents, no matter where they are. These advanced tools and technologies will help them work as effectivity as if they were next to one another.

To increase your control, you may want your messaging and collaboration solution deployed either on your corporate premises, or in a cloud. A cloud ensures maximum availability and accessibility and eliminates difficulties in IT. In either case, eSense can help you rollout your next Collaboration and messaging solution.

eSense offers the complete set of Microsoft Technologies to help you build a solid Collaboration and Messaging infrastructure using:

  1. Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
  2. Microsoft Skype For Business Servers (Formerly Lync)
  3. Microsoft Office Web Apps