ISO 22301

ISO 22301-Business Continuity Management

SO 22301 is the international standard for business continuity management, and builds on the success of British Standard BS 25999 and other regional standards. It’s designed to protect your business from potential disruption. This includes extreme weather, fire, flood, natural disaster, theft, IT outage, staff illness or terrorist attack. The ISO 22301 management system lets you identify threats relevant to your business and the critical business functions they could impact. And it allows you to put plans in place ahead of time to ensure your business doesn’t come to a standstill.

Who is it relevant to?

ISO 22301 is applicable to any organization, large or small, in any sector or part of the world.

The standard is already making a positive impact in some of the leading information-dependent sectors, such as the business process outsourcing, telecommunications, finance and public sectors.

What are the benefits of ISO 22301-business continuity management?

  • Identify and manage current and future threats to your business
  • Take a proactive approach to minimizing the impact of incidents
  • Keep critical functions up and running during times of crises
  • Minimize downtime during incidents and improve recovery time
  • Demonstrate resilience to customers, suppliers and for tender requests