Fleet Management


Pylon gives you all the functionality you need to manage vehicles, drivers, car parks, technicians, maintenance and dispatching, with confidence and efficiency. Maintain a database of all vehicles and drivers, schedule their daily activities, and manage their assignments. This helps you to avoid clashes and maximize the capacity of your fleet.

View statistics, summaries and visual schedules, and receive alerts when a registration, license or insurance is about to expire. Users from various departments across the organization can request vehicles and drivers for a specific purpose, and the system will automatically flag up any conflicts or warnings. Pylon also allows a user to allocate fleet resources for large events in advance, so that the relevant vehicles and drivers are marked as “reserved”.

Pylon’s fleet management system includes a full maintenance and work-order module that manages vehicle repairs and spare parts. It is the complete coordination and management of fleet resources across the organization, between multiple business functions and departments, that makes Pylon invaluable to your daily operations.