Advanced Features


Visual Messages & Announcements

bridge Avatar offers visual and voice-less messages and announcements, so that deaf users never miss out on important updates or information. With instant recognition of text to sign language, this is immediate, direct and effortless.

Customer Service Showcase

bridge Avatar technology transforms the customer service experience for deaf users. With visual, sign language-enabled support and feedback forms, organizations can seamlessly direct deaf users to the services they’re looking for, share the relevant information, or gather their feedback. bridge makes online contact forms, surveys, FAQs and customer service accessible and efficient for the deaf community.


There are multiple avatars to choose from, as well as custom options, and avatars that are tailored by country or organization. The bridge Live assistant also offers various design customizations, including theme and iconography, and users have complete control over their mic and camera options to maintain privacy. bridge Live also offers various analytics, to help organizations or service providers better serve and support their users, including waiting time, call duration, ratings, most common services, number of scans, locations and much more


bridge Avatar makes it easy to offer video-enabled contact forms and customer support options, so that deaf users can access these vital services and connection points. Both the Live and Avatar editions also support Chatbot and WhatsApp integration.

Multiple Languages

There is no single, universal sign language, so bridge supports both Saudi Sign Language and American Sign Language to give accessibility to as many people as possible. The dictionary has a rich vocabulary and includes special approved dictionaries for different sectors. In total, 7 languages are supported (KSA, UAE, KWT, JOR, EGP, US, UK), and there is the option to add further languages on request.

Bridging the Gap

bridge is leading the way in interpreting web content, forms, and digital media into sign language so that the deaf community have full access to the online content and services that many of us take for granted. This innovative technology is helping government and private organizations and service providers to engage with this wide community, understand and meet their needs, and deliver the relevant services and support. This, in turn, empowers these individuals with greater accessibility, connection, control and independence. With bridge, they are no longer excluded – now, they can join the crowd.