Human Reources & Payroll


Manage your people from recruitment to retirement, with advanced personnel management features and a robust payroll module. Pylon streamlines salary calculations and payroll processes, while also helping you manage your human resources efficiently and plan ahead.

Keep a detailed record of every employee, including their qualifications, experience, rewards and penalties, as well as their salary, tax and benefits. The comprehensive features of Pylon allow you to monitor employees based on certain criteria, plan ahead for pay increases, promotions, terminations and new recruitment, and support your decisions with verifiable data. The centralized module means it’s never been easier to coordinate vacations across related departments so that productivity and efficiency don’t take the hit. The HR module also keeps track of pending HR issues and ensures appropriate follow-up.

The payroll generation process allows you to create various salary scales, associated with defined employee criteria, calculate and post employees’ salaries to their bank accounts, manage deductions and allowances, and keep on top of loans and instalments. Pylon gives you clarity and control, and does all the hard work for you.