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Award Winning Product

This product was presented at Microsoft Inspire 2019 and led our company to win the Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for Saudi Arabia.

Your Correspondence Business, Organized.

berry® has covered the correspondence management like no one thought was possible. We helped more government organization and private institutions organize their communication by letting people take control of what matters first. Choose between designing your own controlled processes, or switch to Ad-hoc that users run dynamically. We have a user experience that will thrill top management, and active operational employees. Active Directory and HR integration goes along with strong authentication and wide set of permissions that track activities!

We do more than anyone ever did to close the needs of different spectrum of clients with medium to large set of team members!

Schedule Meetings and Events

berry® streamlines team meetings management and links correspondences, documents, internal team members, and invitees from outside to meet and collaborate during the meeting. berry® adds special tablet apps to allow executives to invite others, talk, vote, ask someone to leave when his turn is over, and then take copies of the conclusions and minutes of meetings. We have perfected time management and done more complex events than many in the last 18 years.

Manage Contacts

We understand that people want to know everything about a unit or a company from one place and build a comprehensive facts database. This includes people details, stuck correspondences, meetings, team members, structure of teams, their location, and more. Overtime, berry® is able to inform you when contact details are spelled wrong, duplicated, or when the team missed to detail some items the way you like them to be!

Documents and Archive Management

We have data that has been kept for tens of years stored for the clients on our platform. We take care of security and we ensure every document is connected to its artifacts so you would smoothly find them. We let you search around the document data, and we let you search in multiple language including Arabic when documents were scanned into images.

Collaborative Document Editing

berry® lets you edit documents on your desktop. Yet we encourage it all happens online with your team at the same time! We figured you would prefer writing where you have been doing for years. That’s why we integrated with Microsoft Word Online already. Members can collaborate on the same document in real time.

Sign your Documents

Forget pen and paper. Use our e-signature and digital signature tool to sign attached documents in your correspondence quickly. After the managers have done signing the documents, the system will know the next person to review and sign.

XC: Executives Communicator

Well, we have executive views on berry® on the web, and we even have that when you’re on the mobile. But we know executives wants shorter lean version of the facts that are sent to them for reviews, notes and signing. The rest should be done with the team, we believe you would agree. That’s exactly with the berry® XC does on the brilliant iPad version for executives to communicate with their team, and with their co-executives.

Managing and Running Projects

Project planning puts the dates and team, but who then runs the plan and tracks the operation? berry® created ways for the team to create sets of goals that has a set of team members that has clear targets to achieve. Surely, they’ll need to collaborate on the rest of the platform to schedule to meet, and store documents and even send correspondences related to those goals.

Organizational Committees

We have seen top managements create achievable targets for missions that have been running for years, or those that have just urgently came across. After years of work, we figured out how to manage connection from different levels of employees to those missions without losing connection to ongoing documents ensuring progress is tracked throughout time. berry® then shows you comprehensive reports of team’s overall performance to the set target.

Keep your calendar up to date

berry® meeting module is integrated with popular calendar services, including iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google, and Outlook. When you add, delete, or update meetings, berry® synchronization feature makes sure your appointments are available everywhere.

Beyond Expectations

We did so much that we feel excited that we owe you time to show you and explain ourselves. We let people manage their tasks and we link assignments to every part of the platform. Yes, managers get to know what’s late and they can act. We believe you have not seen how we search millions of records in seconds, nor did show you how would managers see pending work on a calendar!

We understand you need to circulate announces and track when they’re seen too!

Yes, there are more modules and features still too, and you can click to see more below!

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