Revolutionary Transformation


Award Winning Product

This product was presented at Microsoft Inspire 2019 and led our company to win the Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for Saudi Arabia.

Business Correspondence, Organized.

berry® is an award-winning integrated platform that has converted business correspondence into a new era! eSense has helped numerous governmental entities and private institutions in establishing workplace transformation through a single platform!

berry® provides organizations with full control of choice on priorities, processes, and workflow design. Our exquisite user experience and flexible modular design have brought together all functions in one place, this includes correspondence management, meetings schedule, tasks management, project tracking, and more!

Meetings and scheduling, sorted!

berry® has simplified meetings management by combining all you need for your meeting in one place, whether it was correspondences, documents, internal team members, and invitees from outside to meet and collaborate during the meeting.

berry® has also a tablet version that allows executives to invite members, discuss, vote, and receive meeting conclusions and minutes through the beautifully designed application!

Your calendar, updated.

berry® meetings module is integrated with popular calendar services, including iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google, and Outlook. Whether you add, delete, or update meetings, berry® synchronizes all your actions and ensure your calendar is up-to-date.

Contacts organized too!

berry® proudly presents a market-leading, comprehensive database of your internal team members and external collaborators, with linked records and action history. Contacts and organizations are connected with their relevant correspondences, meetings, and assignments, and the system can even flag up any errors or duplicates.

All your documents in one place!

Documents and files are stored and archived on our platform while taking the required security measures to ensure all documents are connected to its artifacts to simplify the search quests. Our smooth interface allows you to search all your documents or images in multiple languages to ensure swift access to the information you need.

Edit your documents collaboratively.

berry® allows you to edit your documents individually and with a group while connected. This document collaboration has enhanced team participation and minimized time to edit. berry has integrated Microsoft Word Online to allow team members to collaborate in real-time!

Annotate and sign too!

Our unique design allows you to add hand notes or textual annotations for instant review. Managers and executives can simply use our e-signature tool to quickly sign documents to be sent for the intended reviewer.

Manage and Monitor Projects Easily

Projects and initiatives organization is getting simpler. Through berry, you can assign tasks and track projects' progress towards the target!

The beautifully designed user interface gives you an instant visual update of the tasks, cases, and initiatives in progress. It also allows you to track individuals, teams, and the overall organizational performance to help you achieve your targets!

Organize Committees

We recognize the importance of setting goals to help grow organizations. Through berry’s special organizational committees’ module, you can form committees, set goals, identify members, and manage its progress.

berry® provides you with comprehensive reports of the team’s overall performance to the set target.

XC: Executives Communicator

Executives will always be connected, thanks to the innovative Executives Communicator. High level users, such as executives and presidents can instantly view actions, appointments, and contacts on a personal dashboard. XC offers executives the ability to review, approve, sign and send documents in addition to managing meetings and communications through one centralized hub on your tablet or smartphone.

Take Control

With role-dependent dashboards and 178+ customized permissions, berry provides every member of your team with an access to the information and documents they need to perform their tasks and achieve their targets.

Our market-leading modular structure simplifies tailoring the platform to your organizational needs, through a single point of access to your data, processes, contacts, and performance measurements. An innovative revolutionary transformation in business correspondence and workflow management.

Beyond Expectations

We have done a lot to enhance our product to keep up and meet our clients’ expectations. We are very proud of what we have, and we are eager to share with you this success. Our ultimate collaborative modular design allows you and your team to achieve your work results effortlessly and seamlessly while keeping managers and leaders up to date and able to act according to priorities and deadlines!

Yet, we want to show you more of our features and beautifully designed modules.

Are you ready for a change?