Workplace Transformation


Your Correspondence Business, Organized.

berry® is a correspondence management system that helps the institution organize incoming, outgoing and internal correspondences. The system is built using the latest technologies and development tools to insure security, effectiveness and ease of use for all its users.


The system’s screens throughout the solution are designed to allow ease of use and quick accessibility of all functions without being distracted with screen popups and excessive page reloads. When the user logs in, he/she sees only the correspondence packages that they have permission to and when they open a package, only the specifications required for them at that stage of the workflow are displayed.

For every type of your correspondences

berry® provides a simple tool to organize incoming, outgoing and internal correspondences via all mediums. Each correspondence has customizable meta tags to suit your organization requirements.

Clear correspondence flow

Each correspondence is tracked from its creation until its archival. You'll always know who holds a correspondence, the previous people that have held the correspondence, and the exact time of each step. All of these informations are displayed in a well-designed timeline.

Sign your Documents

Forget pen and paper. Use our e-signature and digital signature tool to sign attached documents in your correspondence quickly.

State of Art OCR

berry® is able to transform documents into textual form to enable search inside documents and that includes multiple languages including the complex languages like Arabic with high accuracy. We search many formats, including PDFs, RTF, HTML, Word Perfect or plain text formats.

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