The EMR Solution!

Designed, Reviewed, and Approved by Doctors

Teriac EMR System is an easy to master software with simple installation steps, it is designed for the life style of outpatient clients based on the daily workflow and the experience of the physicians. By utilizing the Service oriented Architecture and Cloud computing in Teriac design it.


Why Teriac?

Teriac was designed by utilizing CCHIT Electronic Health Records standards, Service Oriented Architecture and Cloud computing to be a cutting edge EHR and Practice Management solution which will spare you the time and money for securing and maintaining your data, it will also spare you the efforts and the cost of maintaining a local network within your clinic.


The Advisory Committee

Teriac EMR system is under supervision of the advisory committee, a group of individuals whom are experienced in the medical field and EMR systems whom are responsible for evaluating Teriac EMR system in order to make sure the system is well implemented and well serving your practice needs.


No Infrastructure Requirements


Accessible Anywhere


Safe and Secure


Automatic Updates


Patient Access

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