Centralized. Streamlined. Unified.

It is time for a new standard when it comes to resources planning and management. Pylon is our revolutionary ERP/GRP system that has been specifically designed for government organizations. This complete business solution brings together all of your organization’s functions, from payroll to fleet management, in order to support information sharing and decision-making. By centralizing your data and automating your processes, Pylon moves you closer to achieving your goals, together.

Optimized for Government: A Better Way

Going above and beyond what the leading global ERP systems are providing, Pylon is tailored to the needs and processes of government entities. This award-winning system is designed to manage every business function within the organization, to facilitate the flow of information, and to manage connections with external stakeholders. Yet it is also easy to customize, integrate and use on a daily basis.

Fully integrated with the portals, management systems and other software that is widely used by government entities, and fully compliant with standard governmental policies, rules and regulations, Pylon enhances your systems and optimizes your processes from within. There’s no limit on third party system integration, making it an adaptable and scalable solution. Pylon also supports the latest governmental rules and regulations around VAT and financial systems, as well as warehouse and inventory management.

The modular structure makes it easy to use, navigate and assign permissions, and the beautiful web and mobile interface makes information accessible from anywhere, at any time.