Online Procurement Management System, is a web-based enterprise management system built to facilitate the work of the inventory and purchasing departments of any organization by providing the right tools to organize and manage their daily operations in an automated manner involving hundreds and hundreds of participants, while bearing in mind the importance of maintaining a high level of monitoring and security over the working team on these tasks, and therefor, enabling a quicker decision making process.

Business Values

  • Increase the accuracy and accessibility of information, by setting a single environment to host all information related to the material requisitions, items availability, budget availability, vendors, quotations and prices, receipts and disbursements.
  • Increase the security of the purchasing and inventory departments’ environment allowing different levels of authorization, enrollment, and the accessibility to information.
  • Proactively enhance the overall performance of the purchasing and inventory departments.
  • Provide an easy, fast, and secure communication state-of-the-art tool between all stakeholders allowing for higher productivity.
  • Implement a green and reduced administrative cost environment.
  • Better follow-up on material requisitions, RFQs and quotations, items balances, items re-order points, items deliveries, purchase orders, receipts, disbursements and bonds documents.
  • Leverage the quality of the purchasing and inventory departments processes to a new unprecedented level. Providing better decision-making support by providing certain KPIs, trend analysis and business intelligence capabilities.