Ultimate Integration


Berry has been built using the latest technologies to maximize the potential of this revolutionary correspondence and workflow management system. The system has the capacity to integrate with other systems seamlessly, such as any existing DMS, Active Directories or HR Management systems that allows berry to read the organizational hierarchy to help unleash the full power of berry’s roles and ownership. Through its secured loosely coupled architecture, berry has the power to integrate with any system to fulfill your business needs!

Works with any DMS

Our loosely coupled DMS architecture allows us to easily integrate with any existing DMS system like SharePoint, Oracle, FileNet, EMC, DocuWare or any other system that allows integration, Which allows you to use your existing licenses. 

berry® also provides means to store documents on file system instead, may that be RAID, NAS or SAN storage.

Active Directory and HRMS integrations

berry® recommends an integration with either Active Directory or HRMS system that allows berry® to read the organization hierarchy which berry® uses to:

  • Identify Departments, their managers and their teams.
  • Identify default correspondence forwarding rules.
  • Provide Single Sign-On feature.
  • Identify proper actions in case of hierarchy changes, position changes, new employees … etc.
  • Identify delegation and task assignment rules.

berry® loosely coupled architecture allows it to integrate with your HRMS system as long as your HRMS allows that integration, berry® prefers the integration with the HRMS because in addition to the above data it allows berry® to get the data related to Employees vacations, Employees replacement in vacations .. etc. which can be utilized in Correspondences, Tasks, Meeting … etc.

Email and SMS services integration

berry® can integrate with your Exchange or SMTP email, it can also integrate with any SMS service you have to provide notification and sharing options.

In addition to On-Screen notifications and Mobile Push notifications, berry® provides Email and SMS notifications which can be controlled by berry® Admin. berry® also allows sending correspondences attachments by email for users whom are granted the required permissions, or receiving correspondences by converting email which were sent to a pre-defined email into draft correspondences to be reviewed by allowed users.

Other systems integration

berry® was built by our team using a secured loosely coupled architecture which will always help us to integrate with any other system you may have to get or provide any required data that is needed to fulfil your business needs.

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