berry Interface


Modern Display Screens

The modern and dynamic design facilitates reaching the needed information and the interaction, the systems support Responsive Design to guarantee that it adapts with different screen sizes

Intuitive Quick Search

A quick search bar that is available everywhere to allow users to find correspondences quickly by common criteria; this central search allows the users to search within almost all keywords written in the correspondence details without effort. Adding to that advanced search in many fields which cater for different spelling of words, also our advanced tools support the possibility of tagging correspondences to facilities searching using these tags.

User Friendly Interface

The system’s screens throughout the solution are designed to allow ease of use and quick accessibility of all functions without being distracted with screen popups and excessive page reloads. When the user logs in, he/she sees only the correspondence packages that they have permission to and when they open a package, only the specifications required for them at that stage of the workflow are displayed.  

Compatibility with well-known browsers 

The system is compatible with most of the global browsers:

• Internet Explorer 11
• Google Chrome (latest version)
• Firefox (latest version)
• IOS Safari 7 and above

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