Integration with Other Systems


Based on our understanding of the importance of being able to integrate with other systems in order to guarantee maximum potential of the correspondence system we have built our platform using latest technologies and firm foundation that enables us to easily and proficiently integrate with other systems, granted that the other system allows integration.

Works with any DMS

Our loosely coupled DMS architecture allows us to easily integrate with any existing DMS system like SharePoint, Oracle, FileNet or EMC that allows you to use your existing licenses. It also provides means to store documents on file system instead, may that be RAID, NAS or SAN storage.

Email and Fax integration

Facilitate the integration with Email and Fax; as Berry allows users to respond to the system via e-mail, and create new correspondences by e-mailing the system, it is also possible to create a new correspondence from an incoming fax.

Berry also allows the users to send outgoing correspondences attached to an email to external entities.

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