eSense software partners with ABBYY group

Feb 05, 2017

eSense Software, the region’s number one software solutions provider, has signed a partnership with ABBYY Group, the global leader in the development of document recognition, content capture and language-based technologies. eSense seeks to integrate with ABBYY Recognition Technologies to provide high-end Optical Character Recognition “OCR” in its suite of enterprise applications.

“We believe that our partnership with ABBYY will help us provide top notch document recognition to our customers through integration with our software”, said Mohammed Banat, Chief Executive Officer at eSense Software. “ABBYY provides the best document recognition engine with support for over 199 languages, this will help us deliver high quality document recognition to our customers in any language while ensuring maximum accuracy”, He Added.

eSense Software plans to integrate with ABBYY Recognition Server in the upcoming release of its award-winning correspondence product Berry.