eSense Launches its Saudi Arabian Front eSense Arabia

Feb 05, 2017

eSense recently announced the launching of its Saudi-based operation front, eSense Arabia in Riyadh.Aimed to deepen eSense's knowledge of the Saudi market and form an undeviating relationship with their current and potential clients, the new offices will oversee the company's activities in the entire Kingdom.

Offering eSense's top notch lineup of products and IT solutions, the new offices are created to meet the demands of the Saudi market and bolster overall customer satisfaction in the Kingdom. Moreover, the offices will provide presale consultation and post-sale support and target the governmental, financial, industrial and commercial sectors.
eSense's Arabia team of experts will put a wealth of cutting-edge solutions at clients' fingertips, most essentially eSense's interactive management suites; evventa Office and evventa Corporate, built to make office management a breeze and allow organizations and high profile executives to easily prioritize their management resources by centralizing information in a single, easy-to-use interface to maintain formal unity and build a positive image, In addition to eSense's flagship protocols and ceremonials management suite, evventa, which provides organizations with a powerful, integrated set of web-based solutions that automate the ins and outs of the most complex ceremonials and protocols. evventa offers a comprehensive and collaborative environment for protocol and ceremonial teams to manage and host all needed information, from events, attendees, program plans, scheduled, travels, hosted events, gifts, heraldries and much more, while ensuring promptness and a high level of security.
Furthermore, eSense will provide a host of enterprise solutions, in line with the company's regional activities, which include seamless integration, unmatched enterprise level services and service oriented architecture, specifically designed to help organizations assimilate their business' know-how and gain a competitive edge in their field. These services intertwine under a vendor-specific approach to create an IT infrastructure that helps clients address their critical business needs efficiently and effortlessly.

The new offices will also offer eSense's enterprise and management system, as well as e-procurement management system, Fleet and Omini respectively. Fleet is a comprehensive set of tools built to facilitate the work at any organization dealing with fleets on routine basis, whilst Omini is a web-based enterprise management system built to facilitate the work of the inventory and purchasing departments at any organization by providing the right tools to organize and manage their daily operations in an automated manner.
"We are thrilled to announce the official launch of our Saudi-based offices, as we are now able to further expand our network of clients by providing the Saudi market with constantly-updated lineup of web-based business solutions. We seek to transform the reality of IT sector in the gulf region as a whole and take it to a whole new level of high-quality and excellence," said eSense Arabia's General Manager Mohannad Itayem.

Moreover, eSense provides a wide array of IT-related services, including IT consultation services, which help clients achieve their technical and business goals through utilizing the magnitude of skills available at the company, in addition to software development outsourcing, which allows organizations access to expertise and skills for interim consultation without the added expenses or delays of full time contracts.