eSense Holds Its 2009 Annual Kick-off Meeting

Feb 05, 2017

eSense, a leading Jordanian provider of IT-based business solutions, recently held its annual corporate meeting at the Sheraton Hotel in Amman.

The company's annual meetings have become an integral part of its culture, allowing the company's staff of 220 to stay abreast of the various developments that took place over the course of a year.

The meeting entailed a discussion of the company's 2008 plan and the different revisions it underwent as the company was about to kick-off into the second quarter of 2009, with a detailed overview of the direction the company is taking over the next nine months. An open forum was created to allow employees and management to share their thoughts and impressions of past and current plans, which was followed by a series of briefs given by each of the company's departments on their performance during the first quarter.

"We consider this meeting an integral part of eSense's culture as it contributes to an environment of open and honest communication, which is something we prioritize at our company," said eSense's CEO Samer Maslamani. "Since its inception, eSense had always harbored a people-centric approach; we regard our team of skilled individuals as our most treasured asset, and we strive to keep communication lines open at all times."

This year's meeting enjoyed a celebratory opening as the company announced its achievements for the year 2008, all of which fell in line or exceeded the targets set during last year's meeting. The company also announced the statistics for the first quarter of 2009, which are also showing promise.

eSense had undergone significant changes over the period between 2008 and 2009, not the least of which is the immense expansion of their staff, which grew from 100 to 220 employees in less than a year. Additionally, the company enjoyed growing activity in the gulf region despite the current economic recession. eSense had also launched 3 supplementary branches in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE, all of which became fully operational as of last year. The company recently announced plans to introduce several new product lines for 2009, more details on which will be announced in the coming months.