eSense develops two high-end web portals for Dar Al Seyassah

Feb 05, 2017

eSense recently was chosen by the renowned Kuwaiti publication house Dar Al Seyassah, to design and develop the web portals of their two key newspapers, Al Seyassah and The Arab Times.

Published in Arabic, Al Seyassah is one of the foremost metropolitan newspapers in Kuwait, published daily to cover noteworthy local and regional news, with a prime focus on politics. The newspaper is ranked amongst the most read publications in the country, enjoying a reputation for uncompromising coverage and objective editorials. The Arab Times is Al Seyassah’s English counterpart, and has become one of Kuwait’s prime conduits to the English speaking community. eSense in association with their partner in Kuwait, Kuwait e-Commerce, has developed two portals that present the newspapers’ content in a manner that blends between ease-of-use, sleek design and superior content management capabilities. The new portals were part of a long-term strategy by Dar Al Seyassah aiming to better service the online segment of its readership by offering them the newspaper’s content in a professional and intuitive interface. This is why eSense’s team has integrated a comprehensive content management system, to allow Dar Al Seyassah’s staff to easily update and publish upcoming issues.

Commenting on the new collaboration, eSense’s Director of Business Development Zaher Al Farra said: “We are honored that an organization as established as Dar Al Seyassah chose eSense to handle such an important project. Since we have garnered an extensive experience building such portals, we made sure that the design and implementation meet Dar Al Seyassa’s standards and effectively bolster their online readership.