Hosting Manager


Events preparation and execution represents the majority of the protocol unit work, and it is considered one the most difficult and accurate tasks. This application is concerned about facilitating these tasks and providing access for all needed information to get the job done, it also provides the supervisor of an event the ability to follow up on preparation tasks and see the progress of each one.

The application is also concerned about processing big events that need different kind of preparations, as big events like “Summits” requires processing huge number of attendees.

Below are sample benefits from the application:

  • Helps preparing for hosted visits effectively by planning the program of the trip and all required arrangements
  • Facilitates the creation of special checklists and follow up on the tasks progress of the visit
  • Facilitates the process of guests reception at the airports and enhancing the quality of service provided for the guests
  • Helps following up on guests hotel reservations
  • Helps arranging the guests’ movements during their visit and preparing their motorcades from airport to their residences and vice versa
  • Facilitating the planning the preparation for big events and summits addition to viewing the invitees’ responses
  • Provides the mechanism for issuing security checks on accompanies and cars and helps printing reports for third party correspondences
  • Facilitating the process of passing the attendees by issuing and printing special badges
  • Helps controlling the vehicles by issuing and printing badges for vehicles

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