Correspondence Manager


Correspondence manager provides easy management for administrative communications, and also provides an easy way to manage all correspondences in any organization, from scanning, review, and spread it to the departments and various sections, which increase the efficiency of staff and contribute to make the work environment safe.

This application featuring many advanced functionalities which include: ability to create an organization structure, advanced search for scripts and correspondence information’s, easy tracking for correspondences using bar-code technology, and integration with correspondence workflow system.

Below are sample benefits from the application:

  • Maintain the confidentiality of information within the organization, as well accessing that information by right people
  • The system caters to all details of information regarding the correspondences such as establishing relationships between old and new incoming and outgoing correspondences thus creating correspondence trees
  • Manage incoming and outgoing correspondences using rich information like type, description, priority, confidentiality, senders, copies and attachments and many more
  • Provides effective search for incoming and outgoing correspondence within seconds using multiple search options and advanced intelligence search

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