Patients Module


A comprehensive module for storing patients profiles and visits based on the CCHIT standards and with few modifications to fit in the middle east. In addition to the above, this module provides many other features like:

  • Multiple automated calculations in different areas based on well-defined standards to ease the users job. and also to notify the user about the normality of the entry.
  • Multiple reports including charts for vital signs and standard measurements, first visit form, daily visits forms and prescriptions.
  • The standard questionnaire for each body system review.
  • Prefilled data for easier selection with the ability to suggest any item that could not be found, the prefilled data are:
    • Up to date list of all possible Medical Conditions with detailed description.
    • Up to date list of registered Medicines for (USA, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates).
    • Up to date list of all Medical Procedures.
    • Up to date list of all possible Symptoms.
    • Up to date list of all immunization Vaccines.
    • Up to date list of all Medical Tests (Laboratory, Pathology and Radiology).
  • Annotations for physical examination with a ready set of images for each body system.
  • Provides the ability to attach any type file in different areas.
  • Interactive dashboard showing the each doctor the list of his today's patients appointments in order.
  • Interactive dashboard to help the scheduling officer in scheduling revisits.
  • The module view and sections will are customized based on the user (doctor) specialty and permissions.
  • Quick adding and reporting options.
  • Tags for filling visits chief complaint and history of present illness.
  • Advanced search features that can be helpful for analytical searches.
And many other features, please contact our sales if you have any questions about this module.

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