What is Flota?

Flota is a web-based enterprise fleet management system built to facilitate the work at any organization dealing with fleets and fleet management on routine basis.

By providing the right tools for such organizations, Flota allows businesses to organize and manage daily operations in an automated manner, even operations involving many individuals. Flota does so with a clear understanding of the importance of maintaining a high level of monitoring and security over the working team and their tasks

Feature Rich

Flota can integrate with any GPS tracking system that provides the location, speed and direction of a certain vehicle.

Flota comes with many features out of the box that should get your business up to speed in no time, with features like movement, driver’s management, workshops and maintenance groups and many more; Flota covers your fleet needs with confidence.

Why is it So Special?

Flota is a seamlessly connective system that increases accuracy and accessibility of the fleet department’s information by utilizing a unified environment for hosting all information pertinent to vehicles, drivers, vehicle parks, workshops, technicians, vehicle disbursements, transportation orders, work orders, and events. Moreover, Flota comes with a broad range of security enhancements that effectively increases security by allowing different levels of authorization, enrollment, and information accessibility.

Maintenance with Ease

Flota tactfully stores and archives basic information on repair workshops, granting the ability to assign a certain technician to each workshop in the database, in addition to being able to create and manage technician teams. The department can also specify the skills, availability and rates of each technician. The system also manages work orders, which includes identifying needed jobs and repairs, distributing orders to either internal or external workshops, implementation and quality checking!

Your Fleet on Track

Flota has a superior alerts and notifications system that keeps a fleet management department ahead of any potential surprises. The system provides alerts and notifications of certain system events, including vehicles registrations expiry, vehicles Insurance expiry, drivers’ license expiry, and pending vehicles and drivers’ traffic violations. Flota takes care of your fleet so you can focus on your business.