Resource Manager


The Resources Management application’s goal is to enable the users in organizing the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that are assigned to the resources; it helps as well to assign the roles and duties to the resources in an adequate way, and to provide reports about these task assignments.

The Resources Management application helps the users to manage and follow up on the progress of work, as well as measuring the utilization of the resources; by which the user will be able to prevent any assignment conflicts of the resources.

Below are sample benefits from the application:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of following up on the availability of the resources against time, and facilitating the decision process when it comes to assigning resources to the different events
  • The ability to follow up on the resources’ utilization and the workload assigned to them against time
  • Providing an accurate mechanism to generate statistics regarding the assignments of the resources on the different roles, as well as the vacations, training, and traveling days
  • Providing a mechanism to figure out any assignment conflicts, and providing sufficient hints if found

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